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Medicine/ Sports/ Leisure

The prerequisites for the excellent comfort of our products are our carefully selected materials, which comply with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and our perfect workmanship. Through constant progress and the continued development of our products, we demonstrate our expertise again and again.

You can find elastic and non-elastic belts in almost all areas of daily life, such as on bicycles, waist belts, collars and leads for dogs, attached to child seats, in the form of climbing harnesses or luggage belts, belts to support ladders, carrying straps for musical instruments, orthotic supports, prosthetic belts, on wheelchairs, as backpack straps, as slacklines, as playing field boundaries, as bag straps, in first aid kits, on tents and in many more places.

n a joint project we developed elastic bands and belts for rehabilitation and sports purposes.

These patented bands are very effective training devices for therapy, health, fitness, stress reduction and competitive sports (especially for ball sports such as football, handball, hockey and volleyball). Training with them promotes strength and speed. Our range includes sprint as well as resistance bands and fitness bands with different strains and strengths.

All physiological aspects, such as strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination, can be trained using our incomparably robust and durable bands and belts. Innovation made in Germany.

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